About Digitex

Established in 2002, Digitex is the lead supplier of web based airtime sales software to the independent broadcaster and saleshouse market in the UK.

With more than 70 channels sold directly and through a number of saleshouses, over 6 million commercial spots are sold and scheduled each year in our system. 

Currently the principle trading currency in mainstream advertising sales is BARB ratings data which is fully supported using Digitex Trading Software.

In a joint initiative with Sky we have developed the Digitex Trading Platform to enable our clients to also access Sky Viewing Data.




 Digitex Trading Platform

Sky Viewing Data 

Digitex Trading Software

media management for media buyers'


software tools for media sellers

media planning

real-time pricing

approval and copy rotation creation

campaign management

spot schedules pre and post tx

spot ratings 

monthly reach figures

commercial impacts

day-part average viewing

overnight viewing

program ratings

competitor analysis

air-time sales software

approval processing

spot scheduling

inventory optimisation

data and business analytics

financial accounting

The vision is to create a platform from which our clients have the ability to use a new alternative trading currency. The accuracy of the Sky Viewing Data means buyers and sellers can both generate greater value from advertising on television.

Media buyers will be able to make better media planning decisions and ultimately acheive better advertising outcomes. Media sellers will be able to maximise revenue opportunities by offering buyers greater transparency and service.

Unique and exclusive access to this data through the DTP has been granted for the first time to better inform broadcasters and media buyers. Due to the size of the panel from which this data is collected (over 500,000 homes) it is ideally suited to monitoring the absolute viewership, especially at a granular level for niche channels and specialised programmes. 

The introduction of the Digitex Trading Platform to compliment the Digitex Trading Software product suite means we are now able to offer media buyers unique workflow and data software solutions too.

Why work with Digitex

Digitex is an application service provider enabling our clients to manage their entire television advertising business and workflow via the internet from anywhere in the world.  

We present a number of software applications via our Cloud based secure, reliable and economic IT infrastructure with built in redundancy, advanced back-up and disaster recovery. This means that Digitex clients benefit from a total solution and service ensuring optimum system operation and performance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.