Sky Viewing Data

The Sky Household Panel is an externally regulated panel of over 3 million Sky households from which a capped and scaled subset panel of 500,000 households, representative of the Sky base, is available through the DTP for analysis.

The panel is the biggest in the world of its kind and gathers advertising and programme viewing across all channels on the Sky EPG (not just the channels that Sky owns).



Sky collect second-by-second viewing data from every household on the panel, on a daily basis. You can use insight from this panel in various different ways, to ultimately inform advertisers the best way to reach even more of their target audience.

What makes the panel really special is it’s sheer size. It provides a level of granularity which unlocks never seen before insights across all channels on the Sky EPG, no matter how small the audience.

This data, and the insight it generates, is entirely unique to Sky. It underpins many of Sky Media’s award winning technologies, including; Sky AdSmart and Sky AdVance. But it’s capabilities do not end there.

Advertisers can maximise the value of the data by partnering with Sky to combine data sets. By doing so, advertisers can analyse the viewing behaviour of their actual customers and identify how each element of a campaign drives sales.