Digitex Trading Platform

The Digitex Trading Platform offers media buyers' access to Sky Viewing Data and a media planning and buying system that could link directly with the sales teams and agents of a variety of UK TV channels. We expect the number of channels that you will be able to access to grow as more buyers and sellers choose to trade inventory using Sky Viewing Data as a currency.

The DTP is free to media buyers and additional modules can be unlocked for a monthly fee or free when your spend through the platform exceeds certain thresholds.

Which data is of interest to you?

Sky Viewing Data is available through the DTP backdated from 1st January 2016.

Each day we load the minute by minute ratings data based on Sky Viewing data collected from over 500,000 Sky customer set top boxes. This gives VOSDAL viewing data. VOSDAL stands for Viewing On Same Day As Live. VOSDAL includes timeshift viewing that occurs on the same day as the original broadcast. 

The following demographics are available:

  • All Households
  • 18-34 Households - households that have an adult aged between 18 and 34 years old
  • 35-54 Households - households that have an adult aged between 35 and 54 years old
  • 55+ Households - households that have an adult aged over 55 years
  • Households with Children - households that have children
  • ABC1 Households - households that have an adult aged 18 or over who is in the ABC1 social class
  • All Female Households - households that have at least one female adult aged 18 or over
  • All Male Households - households that have at least one male adult aged 18 or over
  • Single Occupancy Female - households that have ONLY female adults aged 18 or over
  • Single Occupancy Male - households that have ONLY male adults aged 18 or over

10 days after broadcast consolidated ratings are loaded. Consolidated data incorporates playback of time-shifted content within 7 days of the original broadcast. This timeshift viewing is added to the live data to produce consolidated viewing data.

Using the 'raw' minute by minute data a number of reports are available:

Overnight viewing

The overnight viewing figures show the number of households in the chosen demographic who were watching a channel at a given time. This report is a snapshot for a given day so enables you to compare within and across channels throughout the day.

Monthly reach

The monthly reach of a channel defines the number of unique households who tuned into a channel during that month.

Day-part averages

The day-part average viewing is calculated by averaging the minute by minute viewing within that day-part. This enables you to see which time of day returns the most viewers for a given channel which will give you insight into where on a channel your advertisements are best placed to achieve maximum impact.

Commercial impacts

The commercial impacts report show the total number of impacts for the chosen demographic that the commercial spots achieved in a given month and the total number of commercial minutes broadcast on that channel. This can be used to compare the scale of each channel and their relative share of commercial impact.

Program ratings

The programme ratings report shows the average number of households for the chosen demographic that watch a given program. Programme audiences are calculated by averaging the audience of all minutes covered by the programme transmission, from the start-time to the end-time of the programme.

Campaign ratings

You will be able to see the Sky Viewing Data and BARB* ratings data at a spot level for all of your own campaigns on channels booked through DTS and/or DTP.

This includes your own historical campaigns which have been booked in DTS since January 2011.

Competitor brands carried

Full details of brands** broadcast across the DTP channels with corresponding Sky Viewing Data and BARB* ratings data.

* BARB data only available to BARB subscribers

** Only where consent has been granted by the broadcaster

Media planning

Armed with a plethora of hard data about the relative performance of channels by day-part and demographic you can now plan media campaigns more effectively ensuring that you are buying inventory on the right channels and at the right times that best suits the needs of your advertising goals.

Media buying  

The DTP gives buyers a complete order management system comprising an easy to navigate dashboard from which you can perform a number of functions:

  • maintain your client details including advertisers, products, orders and campaigns
  • create a single order across multiple saleshouses and channels with intuitive, fast and simple to use order set up wizard
  • create a single copy rotation instruction (CRI)
  • your order and CRI will be automatically split and distributed to the respective sellers
  • when pre transmission spot schedules are sent you will be able to view them within the DTP using a range of reporting options - within or across channel, day, programme etc.
  • pre tx schedules will have predicted ratings so you can see where your campaign is expected to reach viewers and how many viewers those spots are predicted to hit
  • post tx schedules will contain actual ratings data so you can see how your campaign actually performed and compare it with your target and predicted ratings
  • report on revenue and ratings at any level - advertiser, product, channel, saleshouse and period
  • receive invoices directly from sellers to the DTP
  • entire end to end workflow contained in one place with easy sort, search and filter options